History of the Hobby Shop

Jackson Hobby Shop started in the basement of Jackson sporting goods, on new Prospect Road in 1969.  Sylvia and Howard Gustafson are the original owners of the store.  When the store first opened it was the first hobby shop in Jackson Township.

In 1973 the store moved to County Line Rd, where is stood until it was demolished because of the 4 lane highway expansion project.  It then relocated to the Bennetts Mills Plaza where it is currently.  The store moved to its current location in the early 1990s.

Also in the early 1990s Frank, their son took over ownership of the store and today is the present owner.  The hobby shop is akin to what most people imagine Santas workshop to be.  The aisles arte piled high with remote-controlled airplanes, model cars, and sailboats.  There are also tons of model trains in every shape and size.

The LGB trains that the store sells were the first to be able to run indoors and outdoors and they can run all day every day, every day of the year.